Thursday, 22 September 2011

Recipe: Egg Fried Rice.

Hey guys!

So here's my first recipe, Egg Fried Rice.
 Great for lunch or to accompany something else for dinner!

Feeds 1-2 People.

Cooking time: Around 10mins.

You will need: 
A wok.
A wooden Spoon.
A chopping Board.
A Knife.
A Jug.
A Whisk. 

1 Egg.
Fry Light Spray.
Soy Sauce.
1 Onion.
Veg. (peas&sweetcorn)
Meat (optional)

First of all get yourself a Wok on a low heat and spray some of this in there, you could use sesame seed oil but it's more fattening! 

Now cut up a small onion and some garlic and throw that into the pan.

Keep stirring, wait for it to start to brown.

While that's happening get an egg and crack it into a jug, add some soy sauce (If turning the eggs a brown colour doesn't appeal to you wait and add the soy sauce later) then whisk it together and leave to one side.

 Then if you wanted to add any meat (bacon,chicken,pork etc.) you would add that in now and then add in your vegetables if not just go straight ahead with you veg. I just used frozen peas and sweetcorn cos it's easy and tasty. Add as much or little as you like, straight from the bag.

Stir around and allow the veg to cook through till you can see no more clumped together frozen bits.

Now you're ready for you egg! Pour it all in.

 Allow the egg too cook a little and then start to pull it away from the pan.

Do it to the whole pan and you should end up with something like this. (doesn't look very nice but it tastes great!)

With the jug that had the egg and soy sauce in, fill with a little water and put to one side.

I just used microwavable rice as it's much quicker and easier than making your own rice, either way grab your rice! (If your using rice out of a packet like this I suggest mushing it up as much as possible, it makes cooking it a lot easier!) 

Pour the whole packet of rice in the pan.

Then add the water you had waiting on the side. (If you didn't want to add the soy sauce to your egg earlier here is where you can add it in. You could also add in some more even if you did put it in with your egg, depending on how flavored you want your rice.)

Stir away till there are no clumps of rice and everything is cooked through.

And there you have it, quick, simple egg fried rice!

What's great about this is it's very versatile, you can kinda add in whatever you've got lying around which make it really cheap and easy. It's also totally Syn free on Slimming World, so dig in to as many bowls as you like!

If you liked this recipe post then let me know and i'll get some more done for you guys, also let me know if you gave it ago and how it went!
Hope you've all had a lovely week :)


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Weight loss - What I ate today 001.

Hey guys.

So I thought it would be fun to do a post about what I ate today, when i'm trying to eat healthy I can sometimes really struggle with ideas of what to eat so I love reading menus/what people eat online or in magazines or where ever to give me inspiration (if you know of any blogs that do posts like this i'd love to know about them!) So I thought i'd share it with you guys to maybe get some ideas (if you like these style posts let me know and i'll keep them coming!)

(picture from wehearit)


3x Bacon. (with all fat removed)
Low salt and sugar baked beans.
Scrambled Eggs.
2x Low fat brown bread.
Some butter. (2)

Syns Total = 2


Egg Fried Rice:
Soy Sauce.
Spray Oil.

Syns Total = 0

I have a recipe post coming up for this so keep an eye out for that!


Chicken Kebab.
Small Amount Of Chips. (4)
Small Piece Of Pita Bread. (2)

Syns Total = 6


2x Apple.
1x Babybel.
Light Hot Chocolate. (2)
Light Yogurt.

Syns Total = 2

Total amount of Syns for the day =  10

With Slimming World you are allowed between 5 - 15 Syns a day, me and my mum try to stick at about 10. But me and my mum are finding it really hard this time round to lose much weight, we've been told it's because we are not eating enough (and i have less to lose)
 More eating it is then!

I hope some of you found this post of some use/interest!

Oh and if any of you ladies have Twitter, feel free to follow me. I've just started a new account to go with my new blog and it's looking very bare atm! Find me here.


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

My Weekend 001.

Hey guys.

This is my dog Benson. Yes he's Rottweiler and he's the biggest softy I know <3

Sucha lovely rainbow on Saturday evening <3

My boyfriends very unreliable Mini decided to break down when he had to go home Saturday, so this it on the back of my dads trailer </3

A kinda low fat pudding (7 syns on Slimming World) I made, it was SO yummy!

And then Sunday was mine and my boyfriends Facebook official one month anniversary (I know, we are basically married)

We went to the cinema to see The Inbetweeners movie, which was actually very funny and then had a meal at Zaks.

He also bought me some flowers, how cute!

Overall it was a nice weekend. This week I've been trying to get work sorted at a Primary school/nursery so I can start an apprenticeship or college course and I have an interview Friday, fingers crossed!
Anyways hope you all had a lovely weekend.


Saturday, 10 September 2011

Haul 001.

Hey guys.

So like I said in my outfit of the day post I went shopping with my mum and picked up a few lovely things and thought i'd share them with you. Enjoy!

H&M - £6.99
I really like little tops like this, so easy to wear and layer up. 

New Look - £22.99
I love this shirt, it's very sheer as you can see so a cami underneath is a must. Very Burberryesque I think.

H&M - £24.99
Same as my beige trousers I was wearing in my outfit post, so comfy!

H&M - £19.99
Thought this was so cute, it's covered in little dears and fits really nicely.

Topshop - £20
I LOVE these so much, they have been so hard to get hold of. Every time they come in store they are sold out that day so i'm lucky to have gotten my hands on a pair.Very excited to wear them!

I hope you enjoyed my first haul and got another little taste of my style. Also I'd like to say thank you and hello to any followers I have. And an even bigger thank you to all the lovely comments and support I had on my last post it really did mean a lot so thank you thank you thank you!


Thursday, 8 September 2011

Weight loss - The beginning.

Hey guys.

So this is the start of my weight loss style posts. I hope to update this weekly, whether it's a weight loss update, recipe, exercise style post or anything related to with being healthy. So here we go!

 This is very personal to me, as I've always struggled with my weight as quite a lot of girls have. But I've always always always been the 'fat friend' and growing up I always thought 'Oh it's just puppy fat, when I get bit older it will just come off and i'll be lovely and slim like all my friends and girls my age' but surprise surprise that didn't happen. This time last year I joined Slimming World with my mum but it soon stopped when Christmas hit and then it kind of just fizzled out, but we joined again last week as last time it did prove to be successful.

Height: 5ft5

(Halloween 2010)

(Holiday July 2010)

(Holiday July 2010)

(Jan 2011)

(Holiday July 2010)

Dress size: 14/16 (UK)

Start weight (Sept 2010) : 12 stone 9 pounds

Measurements at the start: 
Bust: 41"
Waist: 32"
Hips: 41"

Measurements after 6 weeks:
Bust: 39 1/2"
Waist: 31"
Hips: 39"

The end (After 10 weeks) : 11 stone 10 pounds


(June 2011)
(June 2010)
Me and Jenner being super cool. I fancy her
(August 2010)

Dress Size: 12/14 (UK)

Rejoining weight (1/9/2011) : 11 stone 8 pounds

Rejoining measurements: 
Bust: 36 1/2"
Waist: 28"
Hips: 36"

My goal weight is around 9 stone 8 pounds.

Last time round we didn't exercise at all while dieting, this time round me and my mum plan on hitting the gym/exercising at least 3 times a week so i'm hoping that will push my weight loss along quicker this time. I'm hopefully going on holiday in October with my boyfriend and hoping to be about a stone lighter by then and I deffenetly won't be wearing those horrible boys blue swimming shorts like last time!

So this is me and my journey to becoming slim and healthy, I hope to see a lot of you along the way :)

Alexandra x