Thursday, 8 September 2011

Weight loss - The beginning.

Hey guys.

So this is the start of my weight loss style posts. I hope to update this weekly, whether it's a weight loss update, recipe, exercise style post or anything related to with being healthy. So here we go!

 This is very personal to me, as I've always struggled with my weight as quite a lot of girls have. But I've always always always been the 'fat friend' and growing up I always thought 'Oh it's just puppy fat, when I get bit older it will just come off and i'll be lovely and slim like all my friends and girls my age' but surprise surprise that didn't happen. This time last year I joined Slimming World with my mum but it soon stopped when Christmas hit and then it kind of just fizzled out, but we joined again last week as last time it did prove to be successful.

Height: 5ft5

(Halloween 2010)

(Holiday July 2010)

(Holiday July 2010)

(Jan 2011)

(Holiday July 2010)

Dress size: 14/16 (UK)

Start weight (Sept 2010) : 12 stone 9 pounds

Measurements at the start: 
Bust: 41"
Waist: 32"
Hips: 41"

Measurements after 6 weeks:
Bust: 39 1/2"
Waist: 31"
Hips: 39"

The end (After 10 weeks) : 11 stone 10 pounds


(June 2011)
(June 2010)
Me and Jenner being super cool. I fancy her
(August 2010)

Dress Size: 12/14 (UK)

Rejoining weight (1/9/2011) : 11 stone 8 pounds

Rejoining measurements: 
Bust: 36 1/2"
Waist: 28"
Hips: 36"

My goal weight is around 9 stone 8 pounds.

Last time round we didn't exercise at all while dieting, this time round me and my mum plan on hitting the gym/exercising at least 3 times a week so i'm hoping that will push my weight loss along quicker this time. I'm hopefully going on holiday in October with my boyfriend and hoping to be about a stone lighter by then and I deffenetly won't be wearing those horrible boys blue swimming shorts like last time!

So this is me and my journey to becoming slim and healthy, I hope to see a lot of you along the way :)

Alexandra x


  1. I've started slimming world too and your goal weight is exactly the same as mine! I'm a 14/16 right now and I'm around 13 stone ha. I hope to reach a 10-12 at least... I think thats the smallest my wide ass hips will allow me to go XD If I reach that weight I'm so buying myself a whole new wardrobe. <3 x

  2. thanks for sharing your story thats pretty inspirational!
    and BTW your are drop dead stunning(:

    <3 BB

  3. Your determination will lead you to your goal hun! I wish you best of luck! 'When in stress, just remember diamonds are created under pressure'. xx

  4. loving the determination! you can do it! you look great anyway :)

    xo zebra and meerkat

  5. well done on the weight loss but 9st 8 is incredibly skinny for someone of your height and build! i'm 9st 11 and i'm 5ft 8! I'm a size 10 but i think the best weight to be is a size 10/12

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  6. Hey im a new subscriber :)
    Can I first tell you your beautiful...but I know what means the most is being happiest in yourself and only you can judge that.
    I am super lucky because I work for my council I get all leisure facilities/classess free so no excuse.

    For encouragement I reccommend get your ipod and update your music regularly with some banging tunes. I always like remixes. Also have you tried circuit training? Its great for a full body workout.

    Look forward to reading about your journey. Best Of luck!

  7. This will be great to read :) following!

    I really want to tone up but I can't afford the gym at the moment. I bought a Wii Fit from Amazon and I'm hoping that 30 minutes per day not sitting on my bum will help me! It's not exactly pumping iron but every little helps right?

  8. @Amyteee How are you getting on with Slimming World? Hopefully we shall both get there and then hello shopping :) x

    @BeautyBehaved Awh thank you so much :) x

    @Sparks In Spring I very much hope so!x

    @I V Y I do hope so, hmm not yet but one day soon hopefully :) x

    @Becca. Well I am gonna see how I feel when I get to around 10 stone, but that's the ideal :) x

    @AspirationsOfGlam Awh thank you, that's so sweet! I really want to try Zumba classes, just haven't got round to it yet! I just updated my iPod last week but I need to add some more this coming week, it deff helps! Yeah I do small circuit training, nothing too heavy yet as i'm easing myself back into the gym atm :) thank you!x

    @Raz Thank you :) I have a Wii Fit but hardly use it as we hardly use our living room, but i'm determined to get me and my back on it at least a few times a week. Yeah everything helps, even taking the stairs rather than the lift. Good luck!x

  9. I love it, it's so easy to do and I never go hungry because of the endless snacking capabilities. I really wanna make some syn free banana icecream soon so I can no longer feel guilty when I eat an entire tub to myself! :D x

  10. You look fab in all of these pictures, but you're a big inspiration! My mum joined Weight Watchers a few years back as a size 22 and she's now a size 10, though it was very hard work for her.
    I hope you get to your goal weight, I'm sure you will in no time!
    Also, I'm very jealous of the pink swimming costume picture, your figure looks amazing!

  11. Good Luck, your body already looks fantastic in the pink swimming costume, very pin up esque!