Thursday, 15 September 2011

Weight loss - What I ate today 001.

Hey guys.

So I thought it would be fun to do a post about what I ate today, when i'm trying to eat healthy I can sometimes really struggle with ideas of what to eat so I love reading menus/what people eat online or in magazines or where ever to give me inspiration (if you know of any blogs that do posts like this i'd love to know about them!) So I thought i'd share it with you guys to maybe get some ideas (if you like these style posts let me know and i'll keep them coming!)

(picture from wehearit)


3x Bacon. (with all fat removed)
Low salt and sugar baked beans.
Scrambled Eggs.
2x Low fat brown bread.
Some butter. (2)

Syns Total = 2


Egg Fried Rice:
Soy Sauce.
Spray Oil.

Syns Total = 0

I have a recipe post coming up for this so keep an eye out for that!


Chicken Kebab.
Small Amount Of Chips. (4)
Small Piece Of Pita Bread. (2)

Syns Total = 6


2x Apple.
1x Babybel.
Light Hot Chocolate. (2)
Light Yogurt.

Syns Total = 2

Total amount of Syns for the day =  10

With Slimming World you are allowed between 5 - 15 Syns a day, me and my mum try to stick at about 10. But me and my mum are finding it really hard this time round to lose much weight, we've been told it's because we are not eating enough (and i have less to lose)
 More eating it is then!

I hope some of you found this post of some use/interest!

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  1. I'm awful with dieting/food. I only eat one huge meal a day and then graze on crap for the rest of it : /
    I need to get into some sort of food routine as my weight yoyos so much


  2. Great Post! I really wanted to lose weight after having my daughter and was back to a size 8 just a few days after having her (so didnt need to) im still trying to tone up though! I always have good intentions of eating really healthy but i just LOVE junk food and chocolate cake!

    Good luck honey!

  3. oh im awful if i tell myself not to have something i eat twice as much x