Thursday, 22 September 2011

Recipe: Egg Fried Rice.

Hey guys!

So here's my first recipe, Egg Fried Rice.
 Great for lunch or to accompany something else for dinner!

Feeds 1-2 People.

Cooking time: Around 10mins.

You will need: 
A wok.
A wooden Spoon.
A chopping Board.
A Knife.
A Jug.
A Whisk. 

1 Egg.
Fry Light Spray.
Soy Sauce.
1 Onion.
Veg. (peas&sweetcorn)
Meat (optional)

First of all get yourself a Wok on a low heat and spray some of this in there, you could use sesame seed oil but it's more fattening! 

Now cut up a small onion and some garlic and throw that into the pan.

Keep stirring, wait for it to start to brown.

While that's happening get an egg and crack it into a jug, add some soy sauce (If turning the eggs a brown colour doesn't appeal to you wait and add the soy sauce later) then whisk it together and leave to one side.

 Then if you wanted to add any meat (bacon,chicken,pork etc.) you would add that in now and then add in your vegetables if not just go straight ahead with you veg. I just used frozen peas and sweetcorn cos it's easy and tasty. Add as much or little as you like, straight from the bag.

Stir around and allow the veg to cook through till you can see no more clumped together frozen bits.

Now you're ready for you egg! Pour it all in.

 Allow the egg too cook a little and then start to pull it away from the pan.

Do it to the whole pan and you should end up with something like this. (doesn't look very nice but it tastes great!)

With the jug that had the egg and soy sauce in, fill with a little water and put to one side.

I just used microwavable rice as it's much quicker and easier than making your own rice, either way grab your rice! (If your using rice out of a packet like this I suggest mushing it up as much as possible, it makes cooking it a lot easier!) 

Pour the whole packet of rice in the pan.

Then add the water you had waiting on the side. (If you didn't want to add the soy sauce to your egg earlier here is where you can add it in. You could also add in some more even if you did put it in with your egg, depending on how flavored you want your rice.)

Stir away till there are no clumps of rice and everything is cooked through.

And there you have it, quick, simple egg fried rice!

What's great about this is it's very versatile, you can kinda add in whatever you've got lying around which make it really cheap and easy. It's also totally Syn free on Slimming World, so dig in to as many bowls as you like!

If you liked this recipe post then let me know and i'll get some more done for you guys, also let me know if you gave it ago and how it went!
Hope you've all had a lovely week :)



  1. Ooo this is a great post :D may give this a go.
    Lucy xx

  2. This looks delicious, thanks for the recipe!:D

    ***** Marie *****
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  3. Yum! Fried rice is my fave. Will have to try this recipe out :) x

  4. i love your blog


  5. would love to see more! So good defiantly going to try this out. love your blog

  6. This is a really great simple recipe, I'd definitely like to see more :)

  7. OOh this looks quite easy!! I might have to have a go! I've just stumbled across your blog and I'm hooked already- definitely following! I've just read your weightloss post and I'm still trying to lose my 'puppy fat' (but now I'm 24 it's time to realise it's probably not puppy fat!! haha).
    Can't wait to read more about your weightloss journey, maybe it will inspire me to get my arse in gear!!
    Sam xx

  8. That looks really good! I hope you come up with more post soon ^_^